On 23 Apr 2020, at 19:14, Rob McBroom wrote:

On 22 Apr 2020, at 20:42, Allan Odgaard wrote:

That is pretty damn weird. So even after a reboot, TextMate kept relaunching? And still in a state where it didn’t get “proper” activation (no keyboard input)?

Apple does offer to relaunch applications if they terminate unexpectedly, but that is offered as an option, not automatic.

I just saw the same behavior on 10.14.6. (Keyboard and mouse input appear to do nothing, and TextMate immediately relaunches when quit/killed.)

Interestingly today I had two instances of this myself, both after rebooting (although on second run, TextMate was responsive).

I was able to study the stack trace of TextMate and I think 2.0.10 should avoid getting TextMate into this state.