Hi guys,

My first post to this list because this seems to be the best way to get some help :)

I've had some issues with TM's regexp in the past (it was slow) but today I've experienced just how slow it is. My TM has been "locked up" for over 11 hours now and all because I ran a simple regexp on a small file (file is composed of one line, JSON formatted data, which is approximately 10000 characters long).  My CPU is at 100% and all my fans are on at high power. The replacement regexp is something like '\n$1,$2,$3\n'. That's it. From my short experience with TM, it seems to have some serious issues with regexp and especially regexp that adds new lines to a document. TM just can't handle it well.

I have some questions...

1) Since I have some unsaved files and can't terminate TM because TM doesn't automatically save unsaved 'buffers', is there a way to quit this thing and retrieve my unsaved changes?

2) Why is TM so painfully slow when running regexp and especially regexp that creates new lines? Is there a bundle that uses some other regexp engine that doesn't suck so much?

3) Why doesn't TM use multithreading so that running one thread doesn't lock up the whole app? How about a progress indicator or a cancel button??

4) Why doesn't TM save unsaved buffers automatically like almost every text app out there (even TextEdit does it)?

Thanks for any help... I find TM interesting but extremely lacking at very basic editor things.  It's starting to frustrate me.