On 27 Jun 2006, at 15:41, Jeffrey Robert Spies wrote:

I'm really quite disappointed in how the list has responded to Court K.'s feature request.† He explained what he was looking for and why it would be valuable, and even offered a monetary bonus for someone to work on it (plus assistance with UI design, if I remember correctly). †If you don't want to help out w/ CVS support, why is it necessary to bash CVS or this guy for doing what everyone else does when they would like to see a feature added to TextMate?† It just doesn't seem very constructive, but maybe†I'm confused as to what this list is for other than praising Allan and evidently promoting Subversion.

Maybe it has something to do with how he requested it? Just maybe. ;)

With affirmation like "Textmate as an editor is nothing without CVS support",††"The one and only thing the developers should focus on right now is. CONNECTIVITY", "not that crappy bundle that's going around", etc., I don't think it's a good way to introduce yourself and make a feature request. Everyone and is mom has THE absolute missing feature that is so easy to implement. The assumption that everyone has the same request than you won't help because it's not true, most answers talking about svn where just pointing that.

Allan is the one who decide what comes next and he already wrote that connectivity improvements are on the todo. Thinking he will change his plans or suddenly code faster to earn a whooping $500 is a bit immature IMHO.

I'd recommend searching the archives first, then, as Jonathan pointed, reading Brent Simmonsí post[1], which, BTW, is not Jonathan posting about how he hates feature requests, but a post of the NetNewsWire's dev. explaining how to make feature requests that might have a chance to succeed.

This list is friendly, keep it that way.