I had a similar incident and it turned out my shift key was sticking! m. 

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On Jun 26, 2019, at 10:16 PM, Allan Odgaard <mailinglist@textmate.org> wrote:

On 8 Apr 2019, at 22:52, feek wrote:

- some times multiple carets are visible, but on that moment I'am definitely
not in multi-caret mode!
- some times doing a multiple edit undo (cmd-z) a really strange undo is
performed, seems like a undo in a multi-caret mode, and removing
text(blocks) on strange locations. For this case again, I'am definitely not
in multi-caret mode!

Overall my feelings are that TM 2.0-rc.23 is not as stable as TM always

Have you found any pattern to the above?

I am not aware of any reports similar to yours, and the core editing functionality has not been touched for quite a while, so I don’t see how such bugs could have been introduced. To be honest, it almost sounds like you have a defective input device :)

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