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Asunto: Re: [TxMt] QuickOpen included files

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On 20. Apr 2007, at 20:59, Juan Falgueras wrote:

I have change the source of the list of paths for QuickOpen included files.  It works fine:

Thanks, seems to work fine here as well. Some comments:

 • we should differ between <system> and "user" include paths

actually the script does consider <system> and "user" paths and get first the "user" path not looking for TM_HEADER..  when "user"

if (!$header) {
  $line =~ /#\s*include\s*([<"])(.*?)[">]/;
  $local = $1;
  $header = $2;

if ($local eq '"') {
  $t = $ENV{'TM_DIRECTORY'};
  if (-f "$t/$header" ) {
    print "$t/$header";
    system("mate -r \"$t/$header\"");
    exit 0;

 • TM_HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS should default to the output from gcc/g++ (to not require user setup)

  I have thought about it but, when?  If you ask for echo | g++ -E -v -x c++ - and then analyze the output (with the A.Tomazos perl script, for example), you then don't want any TM_HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS, but instead, to call to the g++ compiler for this.  I've thought this must be slow, and the answer to the previous  query is near always the same.

 • search path could depend on whether we are in source.c or source.c++ (the former has a smaller search path)

yes.  The difference is (in my system):




I have used the most frequently used C++  :)

 • additional search paths should be taken from the current Xcode project file, if any (and Xcode’s products build dir should also be a search path for frameworks)

oups!  don't use XCode, sorry.  I think it must be done asking XCode (via AS) or hacking the XCode project file... (complicated and dirty) :(

 • need to handle framework inclusion, e.g. <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

you are again wright:

% locate Cocoa.h
/Developer/ADC Reference Library/documentation/Cocoa/Cocoa.html
/Developer/ADC Reference Library/documentation/Cocoa/Conceptual/CarbonCocoaDoc/Articles/CarbonInCocoa.html
/Developer/ADC Reference Library/documentation/Cocoa/Conceptual/CarbonCocoaDoc/Articles/CarbonUIInCocoa.html

is not  found by this simple script and there are:

% find /System/Library/Frameworks/ -iregex ".*\/Headers\/.*\.h" | wc -l


It was not a problem for me since I am working in a UNIX standard programming way...

 • need to handle import as well as include (in the regexp)

is is easy to add it

And if I understood Chris correctly, he’d like to optionally search under /Developer/SDKs/«chosen SDK».

As far as I have understood this is included in your Frameworks plus XCode dirs expansion search

Are there other things we’d like to support?