i usualy drag all project folder to the drawer. this way, any change on files will take effect here after you change focus. for example if i delete the reference of a file, will disapear, but only till i change the focus from and back tot textmate.

On 8/31/07, Bernat Lleonart <bernat.lleonart@gmail.com> wrote:

I've been seeing this for some time, and I'd like to know if any of
you knows what the problem is:

Let's say I'm editing a file (file1.html), and I save it with another
name (Save as file2.html). After that action, I'll be editing
file2.html, but if I want to open file1.html, it doesn't show in the
project drawer. I can't access it using Command+T, either.

If I quit Textmate and reopen it, then I can see file1.html in the drawer.


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