That is a GREAT idea, one which I sure we have all experienced at a latent level (“God I wish I could just go back to there now…”)

tricky to implement where “there” is, but yes: let’s figure it out
My current solution is Allan’s lovely new (ish?) show all finds. 

But it’s an effort. What we need is something as intuitive as cntrl-W has turned out to be: you just “go back to the last place you were editing stuff” with a simple “return” keystroke… ^⌥⌘-G?


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On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 3:09 PM, Matt Neuburg <> wrote:

I have a feature suggestion. I've thought about this for years but it has only just occurred to me to say something about it.

As you know, I use TextMate to write books. Big books with big chapters. So it often happens that I edit a chapter, then jump to an earlier / later bit of that same chapter to make some change entailed by what I was just writing. Now I want to "go back" to where I was before.

That's the suggestion. TextMate should _automatically_ maintain "bookmarks" for the location of the two most recent edit locations (places where I actually typed or deleted text). Thus, I could use the bookmarks feature to jump back to where I was before.

Just an idea. (A really great idea!) m.

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