suppose i want to report a variable state in NodeJS and/or JavaScript, for example:

console.log("myvar['"+property+"'] = "+myvar[property]);

because I'm a lazy guy, i want only to enter "myvar[property]", apart from console.log.

at start, i would enter :


then copy/paste "myvar[property]" :


adding " = +":

console.log(myvar[property] = myvar[property]);

then surrounding "myvar[property] = " by '"':

console.log("myvar[property] = "+myvar[property]);

i want to see the property value in the "left" hand side, then i sourround "property" by '"':

console.log("myvar["property"] = "+myvar[property]);

here is my suggestion, could it be possible by selecting "property" to add two "+" signs on each side of "property" in order to make it :

console.log("myvar["+property+"] = "+myvar[property]);

could that last step be implemanted in TextMate ?