This is happening to me too with Objective-C documents.

Started happening when I upgraded  to 10.9
I'm currently on build 9493, but it happened in previous builds too.

It's really starting to drive me crazy.

On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 10:09 AM, Gildas Hamel <> wrote:
* Skriv a reas Kyle Johnson (
  |>  With 9491I am experiencing a problem that occurs when I switch from one document in a tab to another document in a tab. If I move the cursor to, say, line 196 in one document, then move to the document behind another tab, once I return to the document behind the first tab, the cursor is still on line 196 but the document scrolls (quickly) up about a page (around line 126 in the case I am looking at right now) so that the cursor is no longer in view.
  |>  I run TextMate on OS 10.9, this happens on LaTeX documents.
  |>  Is anyone else experiencing this?

Not experiencing that (on OS 10.9 and TextMate 9491, with LaTeX bundle in Avian purged recently and recustomized).

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