Hi all,

I've been using TextMate for a while, but this is my first message on this list. First of all, I'd like to thank you guys for building such great bundles. And thank you Allan for all the good ideas that make TextMate such a great environment to evolve in.

As you might have guessed, I don't write an email just to congratulate. I have a question for the C language grammar maintainer.

The following function definition is wrongly parsed by the C bundle:

void __attribute__((section(".sramtext"))) hal_LpsDeepSleep(bool die)

Here, the __attribute__ is considered as an entity.name.function.c, instead of hal_LpsDeepSleep. The __attribute__ keyword applied to variables also make the parser lost.

Is there a simple way to exclude __attribute__ from the "possible function names"? I have not much experience with the language grammar syntax, so instead of implementing a dirty fix, I wanted to have your opinion about that.

Thanks in advance.



Mathieu Godart

Skype: mathieu_godart

ASIC Integration Manager
Coolsand Technologies