Up to *and including* the comma ...

Sven Axelsson

2009/4/16 Scott Haneda <talklists@newgeo.com>
I am not seeing this at all.  I just drag somewhere in the before the
comma, and all is good.  Are you dragging outside the comma?

Small video to show it in action:

On Apr 15, 2009, at 9:56 PM, Dan Wood wrote:

> Not sure if this is a bug or feature.  I've found that the text
> selection behavior upon double-clicking, then dragging, is way too
> "greedy" of characters.  Is this something that can be fixed, or
> overrridden?
> For instance, let's say you double click on the 'doQueryParams' in
> this snippet of PHP:
> doQueryParams($query, array() );
> .... then drag to the right.  Let's say that I want to select up to
> and including the comma after "$query".  Well, I can't - the
> selection jumps to the end of "array".
> Other editors like SubEthaEdit or TextEdit do what I would expect --
> the non-alpha characters are selected individually, so I can select
> the comma, the space, and then if I continue on it will select the
> whole word 'array', then each parenthesis, etc.
> Is it just me that's driven absolutely mad by this?  It really slows
> me down......