Skim is still having the same problem.  I downloaded and changed all the settings I thought I needed to.  It does update the PDF file in Skim, but it still doesn't bring the window into focus.  But at least it "almost" brings it into focus (leaving TextMate still active, but showing up immediately behind that).


On Oct 22, 2007, at 6:46 AM, Keith Penrod wrote:

> I had TextMate set up to download "Cutting edge" and it just  
> downloaded a new upgrade the other day.  Before the download, I had  
> everything working just fine with TeXniscope, but after I installed  
> the upgrade, whenever I compile a LaTeX file in TextMate, it  
> doesn't open TeXniscope.  TeXniscope does update the PDF file (or  
> open it if it's not already open) but it doesn't bring that file  
> into focus like it did before.  Even if I type Cmd-Opt-Ctrl-O  
> nothing happens.  In the typesetting dialog that comes up, there's  
> a button that says "Preferences" and I have the "Show pdf  
> automatically" option enabled, but it still doesn't bring  
> TeXniscope into focus.  Any ideas?
> Keith

Skim is now the supported reader.

See if that works for you.


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