On 19 Mar 2019, at 10:18, feek wrote:

I experience lately on a regular base a high CPU usage of TextMate (TextMate
version 2.0-rc.23, macOS 10.14.3 18D109). I did not install new plugins
(besides of regular updates TM-build in plugins). TM does not crash so I
cannot provide a crash log.

One explanation might be the size of your clipboard history.

I ran into this myself, I had copied 500 MB to the clipboard and that was a bit of a challenge for the underlying CoreData code used to update the clipboard history on disk, so shortly after each action that caused the clipboard history to be updated, there would be a beachball for approximately one second.

The fix is to open the history viewer (Edit → Paste → Show History) and then click “Clear History”.

Though I do consider this an issue that should be fixed, as the size of the clipboard history should not affect performance.