I'm really quite disappointed in how the list has responded to Court K.'s feature request.  He explained what he was looking for and why it would be valuable, and even offered a monetary bonus for someone to work on it (plus assistance with UI design, if I remember correctly).  If you don't want to help out w/ CVS support, why is it necessary to bash CVS or this guy for doing what everyone else does when they would like to see a feature added to TextMate?  It just doesn't seem very constructive, but maybe I'm confused as to what this list is for other than praising Allan and evidently promoting Subversion.


On Jun 27, 2006, at 12:46 AM, Court K. wrote:

You really think I'm going to convince entire fortune 500 companies to just switch to subversion? Why not implement cvs? My guess is the reason subversion support sprung up so fast was because it was easier to code. More companies use CVS. Yes, subversion is much nicer, however when dealing with 99% of the companies (if you consult) you will be using a CVS server. Rather than changing every existing company over to subversion, why not support something that is already the standard for version control? That's like saying Mozilla Firefox is superior to Internet Explorer and I should just force every company I consult for, and all their client base to switch to Firefox. It won't work like that. I like subversion too, but in consulting with hundreds of companies I've only found one that actually used subversion.