Thanks for the help!
On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 2:52 AM, backspaces wrote: 
> First, each folder would need their own .tm_properties files.  This means if 
> the same folder is in multiple projects, you have no exclude/include files 
> capabilities for the multiple projects.  Each project would have to have the 
> same contents, according to their folders' .tm_properties file. 
  The folder being included in multiple projects does not require its 
own .tm_properties file. 
  Each project folder can have its own .tm_properties file with its 
own configuration, but note that, as Allan said, symbolic links to 
folders are currently not expanded. 

Is "project folder" different from any other, other than the .tm_properties and the fact that it is a folder rather than a file?

  Not sure if this makes sense in your context but maybe you can try 
changing your workflow and treating your shared folder as a project on 
its own (having its own window open along other projects, etc).  I 
have a couple projects that depend on other projects and I work this 
way in order to have Go To File and searching capabilities in the 

OK, sounds reasonable.
> Second, lets presume my project starts in my home directory.  Then I can 
> have only one project there, specified by the .tm_properties file, which 
> would have to include my multiple folders. Thus my home directory can be a 
> project folder for only a single project.  (Yikes!) 
  Just curious: why would you want your home folder to be a project 
folder?  One usually wants the home folder to have one or more project 
folders inside.  I have a folder for each project and all of them are 
in a Developer folder in my home folder. 

My home folder has many folders, many of which I'd like to have be in multi-folder projects.  So ~/bin and ~/notes are a pair, while a second pair are ~/bank (receipts) and ~/config (a collection of configuration files used elsewhere)

If I understand correctly, I'd have to have a .tm_properties file for each pair, not possible given the file hierarchy style of projects

> Third, a work around would be to simply have a separate folder per project, 
> containing symbolic links (ln -s) to the folders I want in my project. 
  This is not a workaround, this is the expected way to handle projects. 

A-ha!  OK, so I can make a TM folder that contains a folder for each of my TM projects, each of which in turn have symlinks to my actual folders?  That fixes everything.

> Sorry: one last question: I'd like my projects to be double-clickable to open 
> them.  Can I do that? 

Interesting, I'll look into that.  Thanks!
  I know this can be done by using the Favorites feature.  From Mate's 
drawer, you can navigate then right click a folder and add it to 
favorites, and all your favorites are available from the heart icon in 
the bottom right, or from File, Open Favorites... . 
  Hope that helps, 
:: dip 

Thanks for the help, I appreciate the time & effort.

   -- Owen