Not sure if this is a bug or feature.  I've found that the text selection behavior upon double-clicking, then dragging, is way too "greedy" of characters.  Is this something that can be fixed, or overrridden?

For instance, let's say you double click on the 'doQueryParams' in this snippet of PHP:

doQueryParams($query, array() );

.... then drag to the right.  Let's say that I want to select up to and including the comma after "$query".  Well, I can't - the selection jumps to the end of "array".

Other editors like SubEthaEdit or TextEdit do what I would expect -- the non-alpha characters are selected individually, so I can select the comma, the space, and then if I continue on it will select the whole word 'array', then each parenthesis, etc.

Is it just me that's driven absolutely mad by this?  It really slows me down......


Dan Wood
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