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On 29.04.2007, at 13:54, Andy Herbert wrote:

Yesterday on the TextMate irc channel the [gSpell service for OSX][1] was mentioned, which is a fairly neat way of spell checking (more details on the gSpell homepage.) I decided to try and simulate the service as a TextMate command which takes a selection and looks up the most reasonable alternative with Google.

[The tmCommand is Available here.][2]

[1]: http://nspindel.com/gspell/

[2]: http://homepage.mac.com/andy.herbert/.Public/Check%20Spelling%20Using%20Google.tmCommand

After learning Ruby a bit better, here comes the utf-8 version for French, German etc. of it.

You can set a TM shell variable TM_GSPELL_LANG to e.g. 'de' for German, if you want the German spell checker. If it is unset 'en' is the default.



PS Maybe a Ruby programmer could rewrite it better ;)

This so totally rocks!

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