Hi, I just updated to 2.0.8, and there are a few bugs:

• Running a Python script with ⌘R hangs, producing no output in the HTML output window – the spinny thing continues to spin throughout
    – the Ruby stacktrace you get when closing the window with ⌘W – which comes up in a modal window alert – specifies an exception in a “kill” method, which is not an evidently obvious visible part of the bundle command text to which the window alert offers to take you
• Starting up immediately after updating from TextMate 2.0.6 reset the theme of every open code window to plain black-and-white (this was easily remedied and wasn’t a showstopper in any way, though)
• There have been a number of odd hard-crashes – the “Submit Crash Log” dialog would come up, saying that TextMate crashed, but the TextMate UI would still appear to be up and running; in some cases a part of the UI would prove to have been rendered unresponsive; in any case a force-quit was always necessary.

Here are logs from two of these hard-crash events:

• https://gist.github.com/fish2000/2b6957a0f722d006b5673b7440767a9a

Let me know if I can be of further assistance w/r/t this. 2.0.8 looks like it’ll be awesome, once some of these kinks are ironed out. Yes!

-fish (née Alexander Böhn)