I've been with TM since the beginning (I wrote the first Perl and LaTeX bundles). I think a lot of the frustration with TM2 comes out of our affection for TM1 and wanting *Textmate* to be the platform that keeps evolving and takes us all into the next decade. 

Let me gently suggest that pleading with Allan about communication or productivity won't have much constructive effect. When you are blocked on a difficult project, does having people nag you make you more productive? 

The reality is that TM2 isn't ready and may never be, and people who are really dissatisfied with TM need to be looking at alternatives.  If TM2 comes out, that will be the nicest present.   So what alternatives are there?

The most hopeful alternative I've seen is Kod <http://kodapp.com/>. Naturally, Kod is having a little developmental stall, but it's open-source and could be worked on by interested developers. 

BBEdit and UltraEdit are closed source without channels for community contributions, but they are under active development. 

Smultron seems interesting, but I don't know much about it. 

Alpha X and Pepper seem dead. 

So... anyone up for some Kod programming?  Otherwise, we may have to settle for TM1 for now...

best wishes, Eric


Eric Hsu, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Director, Center for Science and Math Education

San Francisco State University