I just managed to reproduce this on desktop too, fairly easily

Open a few tabs, then using the mouse quickly click and drag a tab a few pixels before letting go.
It takes a few tries, but eventually Textmate locks up, and the tab you were trying to drag is left in a detached state (and set to stay-on-top)

Screenshot here, showing the floating tab after I moved the frozen textmate window down slightly


On Fri, 26 Jun 2020 at 17:39, axe@fyrehaus.com <axe@fyrehaus.com> wrote:

I’ve noticed a strange bug in Textmate when using an artist's Wacom Tablet.

Sometimes if I quickly click on a tab to select it, and the stylus moves slightly (as if the tab is only dragged a few pixels), the tab clicked becomes light in color and gets stuck. All tabs in the window become non-functional at that point, no text can be selected, other windows can be brought to the front but they are also frozen short of being draggable.

Quitting the app and restarting fixes it.

It's an easily reproducible problem if you have a tablet to test with.

Just felt I should point it out so maybe you guys can fix it.


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