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subtleGradient / Thomas Aylott <oblivious@...> writes:
I have now played with this thing and we need it.
It's really awesome stuff.
Forget about the filesize, it's just really necessary stuff.

I'd really like this stuff to be in the default Javascript bundle.
But, adding 4 megs to a default TextMate bundle seems wrong without  
express Allan permission.

I vote no on the 4 MB increase.  The *.tmcommand files themselves are surely
small, and can easily call out to these tools if they are installed elsewhere. 
What's the downside to making people do a few extra clicks to actually install
the large parts?  It's certainly easier for most than going through the hassle
of picking up a bundle from SVN.

So, let's make an Experimental Javascript bundle and slap this stuff  
in there.

No, this is exactly the wrong approach.  If this is so unbelievably cool, it
should be in the main bundle so that regular users can take advantage of it,
without needing to muck with svn, etc.  In fact, I think that putting things in
Experimental bundles is generally bad, unless their inclusion in the regular
bundle could break something else.

So my vote: slap it in the regular javascript bundle, document it in the
bundle's help file (it does have one, right?) with installation instructions,
and then bring up a way for users to install if you try to run the commands
without the relevant external tools.


What I meant was that it should be in the default bundle.
But since Allan should be the final decider on what major stuff like that goes into the default bundles, I'm saying to temporarily put it in another bundle until we can get Allan's opinion on it.

I think your option is actually better in the short term.
Put it in the default bundle now, but leave out the larger bits.
Then make it easy for people to install the larger bits if they feel so inclined.

Good plan. Let's do it

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