Personally, I prefer those related sort of command share the same key, but with different modifiers.  So, I'd suggest something like:

Tabs to Spaces: Command+Option+Shift+S
Spaces to Tabs: Command+Option+Control+Shift+S

Unweildy, sure, but that's just an example.  And just my two cents.


On 6/29/06, Trevor Harmon <> wrote:
Tabs to Spaces and Spaces to Tabs are without keyboard shortcuts.
Allan Odgaard said he would consider giving them shortcuts if he knew
what shortcuts to use. [1]

I'm thinking Command+Option+Shift+S for Tabs to Spaces and Command
+Option+Shift+T for Spaces to Tabs. These seem to be available (but I
have no idea how to be sure).

Does anyone have a better suggestion?



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