In a personal bundle, create a new 'Settings' in the bundle editor.  Add 

 { disableIndentCorrections = '1'; }

to the settings and save it.  Set the scope selector if you would like it
to only apply to a certain scope, or leave it blank to allow it to affect
all scopes.

Brandon Fryslie - A TextMate 2 Wiki

On Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 10:01 AM, PowerPod wrote:

I am experiencing something similar here and would be more than happy to work
through a solution for other readers.

This is my .haml snippet:

- if result_type_field
= render '/sub_forms/result_type_field', :f => f, :record => record,
:field_name => field_name
- else
%td{:class => :form_field, :colspan => 1, :style => "text-align: center"}  
= same_value_button(record_name, field_name)

if I delete a character at the end of the 2nd line, let's say the 'e' in
'field_name' it removes the indent - very annoying.

Let me know how I can help resolve this.



Allan Odgaard-4 wrote:

On 17/02/2012, at 23.40, River Brandon wrote:

yes, that describes the problem. the new line doesn't always need extra
indent, though, and since it's classic sass syntax (indent-based) i don't
know if there's a way to have it detected. i'd be happy with it just
respecting my indent (or out-dent) when starting a new line.

The thread I linked to¹ describes how to disable these indent corrects “as
you type”.

As for adjusting the patterns, is there any indication on line n that line
n+1 should be indented? If so, TextMate can be taught about it.

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