Dear Allan Odgaard, dear list!

I'm coming here with perhaps a strange request: I'm trying to sidestep one "feature" of NSTextView and the only application which seems to implement similar behavior is TextMate so I was hoping you would be so kind to share the trick.

The thing is, when a window with NSTextView contains lots of text and the users scrolls to, say, 1/4 of text's height, places the text cursor somewhere, say, at the top of the window and then resizes the window, the textview does scroll so that the cursor appears the middle of the textview. In other words, by default, the window resize triggers NSTextView scroll which puts the cursor in the middle of the view. Which is what I'm trying to avoid, i.e. I want the cursor to stay where it was (if possible due to reflow).

I tried to ask at cocoadev [1] and StackOverflow [2] but got no answer so far. I tried Dux and Fragaria editors but they seem to auto-scroll as well. The only editor which I can resize the window of and which keeps the cursor at the same position is TextMate. I tried to search through its source code but I could not find the piece of code responsible for it.

Please, could you, or someone else, help me out with this? What did you do to avoid the default behavior?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Ecir Hana