Perhaps my frustrations comes from the fact that there's not a simple menu item for it. There should be a soft-wrap sub-menu or something with the option to enable indented soft-wrapping. Enabling this global setting (which it should be by default) would apply the common "same indent level + 1" to all bundles. Bundles could then override this with grammar specific soft-wrapping where applicable. I shouldn't have to, with much frustration, Google for an example of soft-wrapping, and then be required to work out how it all works. 

This is a matter of usability more than capability. I want to develop for my application, not for my text editor if I can at all avoid it. It's about having smart defaults (who doesn't prefer indented soft-wrap over ordinary soft-wrapping?) and easily accessible options for the most common toggles. Everything else can be done in the bundle editor.

Is that unreasonable?


On 29 January 2014 16:04, Fred ALB <> wrote:

On 29 Jan 2014, at 06:02, Tom Wardrop <> wrote:

> Please,
> For the love of god, children and animals, can we please get indented soft wrapping as a standard feature of Textmate 2. (…)

AFAICT, it’s there for more than two years…

In the first item in the About box > Changes dated 2011-12-13:

> Soft wrap can be indented. This is also based on scoped settings so list items in markup are indented differently than line comments in source.

Google "textmate indentedSoftWrap” or go here:

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