It works for me (at least for unknown-type) i.e. the "What type of file is x" sheet doesn't appear if I have the property set and files are set to be plain text, removing the property forces the sheet to ask for unknown file types.

it doesn't work either.
2012-3-86:05 David Howden д


[ attr.file.unknown-type ]

[ attr.file.unknown-encoding ]

2012/3/8 Yuan Jiang <>
I saw the following in changelog

Introduce attr.file.unknown-type and attr.file.unknown-encoding. You can use this in .tm_properties files to set fileType andencoding to provide default values only for files where TextMate was unable to find the proper type/encoding (which normally results in a dialog asking the user).

But When I set it in  .tm_properties as below, it doesn't work for me 


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