Thanks for the script, at first test it doesnt work but I'll dig into it to figure out a way to make it work.

Thanks again....

On 6/2/07, Constantinos Neophytou ♎ <> wrote:
I think this could probably be accomplished with a simple python (or
ruby) script that took the line as input, then did
print "%-100s" % thetext
or something like that and replaced the line? (or place it in a macro
that first selects the line, and the command replaces the selection...)

As for the original question, woulnd't it be failry straight forward
to have something like:

sometext⇥more text
somemoretext⇥and a bit more
whateverelse⇥some more

then opt-shift-up, and parse the selection through a small python
script that splits each line on the tab character, finds the longest
first half of a line, and aligns everything using spaces...

in fact, this seems to work as a command (takes the first tab it
finds in every line, and adds enough spaces before it so that all the
first tabs in each line align):

Input: Selected Text or Nothing
Output: Replace Selected Text
Activation: Key Equivalent (i set it to cmd-opt-shift-r)

#!/usr/bin/env python
import os

selectedText = ''
splitMarker = "\t"
joinMarker = "\t"

if 'TM_SELECTED_TEXT' in os.environ:
        selectedText = os.environ['TM_SELECTED_TEXT']
        lines = selectedText.splitlines()
        length = 0
        for i in range(len(lines)):
                sec = lines[i].split(splitMarker)
                length = max(length, len(sec[0]))
        l = "%%-%ds" % length
        for j in range(len(lines)):
                sec = lines[j].split(splitMarker)
                sec[0] = l % sec[0]
                print joinMarker.join(sec)

This is very rough, i wrote it while writing this email, but it seems
to work. Using it in the above proposed method also seems to work
(i.e. write all the data in a column block, have the first tab where
you want everything to align, opt-shift-up, opt-cmd-shift-R)

Note instead of the first tab, the align 'marker' can be anything...

On Jun 2, 2007, at 12:38 PM, Piero D''Ancona wrote:

> Allan Odgaard <throw-away-1@...> writes:
>> On 2. Jun 2007, at 06:54, Helmut Granda wrote:
>>> for example is it possible to write a snippet to do something
>>> like...
>>> text (move to column 100)moreText
>>> does that makes sense? sort of tabbing but using column numbers
>>> instead (margins?)
>> Other than actually inserting the required number of spaces, no,
>> there is no such shortcut.
> If the text to be inserted is always the same, you can record
> a macro which inserts some text, moves to the right (press
> right arrow 100 times) then inserts some more text...
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