Do you have a subversion bundle checkout, or are you just using the bundles that come with TM?

If you have a checkout, can you make sure you update your entire checkout to HEAD?

On Nov 28, 2006, at 4:21 PM, Simon Ruderich wrote:

I'm using "Documentation for Word / Selection" of the Ruby-bundle very extensive and so I spotted some problems.

When I load the "Documentation for a Word" with ^H (for example "include"), then click on a Link (in my example "Module") and then click on _any_ link, I get a white error page reading "Error: Not Found"; but for a small moment I can see the new page was loaded. I tried some things and after removing the following line in the javascript function "ri" it works for me.

window.location.hash = "actual_output";

But I'm not really sure why, so please could you look into it.

There is also another problem, which annoys me. Sometimes when I click on a link, then the new content is not displayed. Only after I use Apple+A to select the hole text, the new page appears.

It appears to happen when the new content is smaller then the old one, but I'm not really sure. Could you please check this too.

Kevin Ballard