On 15 Dec 2018, at 2:34, Jacob Carlborg wrote:

I don’t have any interest in using the plist extension in this command. But it’s indirectly included in other parts of the support code. Is there any plans on updating the the bundle support code for Ruby 2.x?

The problem is that many bundle commands need ruby 1.8, so the bundle support code needs to remain compatible with 1.8 as well.

This is support code has been written by a dozen different people over several years, I have no plans of rewriting it all to be compatible with both ruby 1.8 and 2.x, which in itself is not a fun excercise, not even sure we can make the plist extension compatible with both versions of ruby without switching to a version written entirely in ruby.

My advice: If you want to use ruby 2.x for your custom commands, don’t use the support code.

In retrospect we probably shouldn’t have made a “shared support” directory, at least not without much much stricter discipline, as now we have a ton of legacy stuff that is pretty difficult to get rid of, because we have no idea about which third party bundles rely on it.