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After I exercised and exorcised all my other superstitions and tried this (changing the case of the file name), I finally noticed that the name in the title of the new, spurious, source window was the source file name but with upper case letters replaced by lower-case letters. So, for example, Test_Hermite_Cubic_Spline was displayed in the new title bar as test_hermite_cubic_spline, and, if I’ve not been clear yet, the malfunction was then present.

Summary: Don’t use upper-case letters in the file name.

Final note: Is this a Ruby thing? I’ll paste the build script below—some of it will look foreign to most. I’ve modified this from the original Ada bundle.

The code to “parse errors” in your build command should not do these case transformations.

But I searched for gprbuild and lowercase and found this link:


So it appears that the Ada build tool might do some case transformations.