On 27 Jul 2018, at 20:18, Jacob Carlborg wrote:

* With a window open, and the File Browser visible, the color of the vertical line on the left side of the gutter view is darker than the one of the right side. On High Sierra these have the same color.

When the file browser is on the left side, the border there is the (semantic) control shadow color, where the gutter and text view simply let the window background shine through.

Possibly they should all use the new separator color introduced in 10.14, I will consider that when going through the code.

* When viewing a autocomplete popup/window from a bundle, that is a bundle that is using "TextMate::UI.complete". When selecting an item/row the foreground color doesn't change to white. This makes it a bit difficult to read the text. The same thing happens when selecting an item/row in the bundle editor.

This should now be fixed by: https://github.com/textmate/dialog/commit/2a4b247ba57d6f4d1d1262ff6f64f16d16b73618

Bundle editor has been fixed as well.