Christian wrote...

That doesnt work. Should it not be somethimh with a click. What latex
menu do you mean?

The LaTeX entry in the Bundles menu of TextMate.


*is* the correct sequence to jump from wherever you are in TextMate to the corresponding place in Skim. Just to summarise the above thread: you need to have


in the preamble of your LaTeX document, you need Skim to be set as your pdf viewer in LaTeX preferences (Bundles => LaTeX => Preferences... in TextMate), and you need to tell Skim that you're working in TextMate (In Skim go to  Skim => Preferences... => Sync, and select "TextMate" from the list of presets).

That should be enough to give you forward and backward synching: shift-command-click for pdf=>code, and control-option-command-o for code => pdf.