Hello everyone. I'm trying TextMate out and so far I'm very impressed.

But today I noticed this problem. Apologies if it's well known already:

When I am in overwrite mode (Cmd-Opt-O) and press an opening bracket, TextMate avoids adding the closing bracket if it would overwrite a non-space character. This is rather clever. However, when it decides there _is_ space to add the closing bracket, it mistakenly *inserts* it rather than overwriting. It kind of defeats the point of overwrite mode, and it's extra annoying because you have to leave overwrite mode to delete the extra character again!

Actually adding closing backets in overwrite mode is hardly ever useful, because if you keep typing you immediately overwrite the closing bracket. My suggestion would be for TextMate generated the closing bracket but allowed you to keep typing and "pushed" the bracket to the right (until it reached a non-space character or you typed the matching bracket). Of course the pushing behaviour would only be right when you have just typed the opening bracket.