So I've tried to replicate this behaviour on my machine, and I can't.  Can you post all of your .tm_properties files starting with the one in your home directory, and then all those in directories up to the point at which you start to see the window title issue.  A path description for each would also be useful.

Hopefully we can work out what's going wrong here!


On Sat, May 5, 2012 at 12:55 AM, Artie Ziff <artie.ziff@gmail.com> wrote:
Previously I thought the issue was the windowTitle variable in .tm_properties.
I was wrong... again.

the title bar anomaly is caused by this:

excludeInFileChooser= "{$exclude,*.xib}"

In fact, simply using the variable, excludeInFileChooser, appears to corrupt the titlebar:

excludeInFileChooser= "{*.xib}"

Those lines are from here:


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