In gmail, I automatically label all of the incoming TextMate messages as TextMate.  But further I have gmail star all of the messages that mention Python, Latex, or SQL since those are the messages I'm most interested in following.  This makes it really easy to find the interesting stuff and mark the rest as read when I get a few days behind.


On 10/26/07, Rob McBroom <> wrote:
On Oct 26, 2007, at 11:07 AM, Jeremy Sachs wrote:

> What methods do you people use to sort TextMate mail?

If you mean "filter" as in delete some messages, I don't do that, but
I do dump all mail from this list into its own folder automatically.
Then I can just scan the subjects and delete what I don't need to
see, etc. This has been pretty manageable for the year and a half
I've been on the list.

The rule I use matches any message that's to the list's address and
has "[TxMt]" in the subject.

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