Am 10.11.18 um 08:18 schrieb Allan Odgaard:

On 9 Nov 2018, at 23:28, Nigel Chapman wrote:

I’ve seen this behaviour (rc.15 on Mojave and rc.14 on High Sierra) but only with a project that I’ve got stored on my iCloud drive. Which seems a bit odd. I don’t think it can be that the .git folder isn’t synching, because like Stefan says, all the Git bundle commands work fine, and the icons have the right badges in the file browser.

When you click the SCM button, is it a no-op or does the file browser show an empty list of files? And if the latter, does the header say anything?

For me, it’s a no-op.

Also, can you try open SCM status via File Browser menu (SCM Status ⇧⌘Y)? Just to be sure the issue is not just with the button, although that it’s a single project seems to indicate that it is not.

Same effect as clicking the button: It’s also a no-op.

I tried with even more of my projects and it turns out that only some projects are affected. Currently it looks like the bug occurs in projects where Git submodules are present. Interestingly, both the “parent” project as well the submodules themselves seem to be affected. Projects not using submodules seem to work normally.