well, i have had the suggestion of using capistrano from guys in rubyonrails on freenode irc, rails forum, and now here. .guess i should take the hint..

really, i want to, i am already using an off-site hosted subversion, and installing it on our server at work would be easy enough, i know very little about how it all works right now.
What i have been doing, is making updates and changes on webrick, and when i like it, i copy the app folder over to the http folder on apache, change ownership to the webserver user, and restart apache.

We have an evolving website. It requires a lot of change, often..

So.... I may get the chance to do this when we upgrade our server next week. Should read up on it till then, just kinda looking for something to help me out until then.

thanks for your help and attention, Alex,


On Nov 23, 2007 5:51 PM, Alex Ross <alex.j.ross@gmail.com> wrote:
> Has someone found a good solution for this ? I am working on a ruby
> on rails project on a remote server.

Have you tried using capistrano?  It will help you automate the
deployment process, letting you develop your rails project locally and
the push changes to the server as you please.

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