On 8 Dec 2013, at 2:49, Allan Odgaard wrote:

On 5 Dec 2013, at 15:24, Ingo Lantschner wrote:

In the archive I found this conversion:

increaseIndentPattern = '^\s=\w+';
decreaseIndentPattern = '^\s

I am not sure, where to change these settings. In the Perl Bundle -> Settings -> Indention? Or should I better make my own Bundle, so that these Settings stick in case of an update?

You can change them directly in the Perl bundle. […]

Thanks for your answer! Now I know at least in which Bundle I have to write the changes. Since changing the "global" indention rules for Perl (Bundle->Settings->Indention) is probably not what we want, I tried to change it just for the POD-text, by editing the Language Grammar of Perl, and there the scope comment.block.documentation.perl:

    patterns = (
    {    include = '#line_comment'; },
    {    name = 'comment.block.documentation.perl';
        begin = '^=';
        end = '^=cut';
        captures = { 0 = { name = 'punctuation.definition.comment.perl'; }; };
  increaseIndentPattern = '^\s*=\w+';
  decreaseIndentPattern = '^\s*=\w+';

Unfortunately this did not change anything. So is this the right place? Or did I misspell something?

Kind regards, Ingo