[Genie] Genie 0.16-beta

Allan Odgaard odgaard at simplit.com
Tue Jul 31 07:36:05 UTC 2018

Dear friends and future Genie users :)

As you may remember, I have previously talked about my application 
launcher which excels at being customizable.

Latest version is 0.16-beta and no longer requires you to install 
default customizations, so if you haven’t yet checked it out, have a 
look at:


I have also created this mailing list which can be used for feedback, 
although if you prefer, you can also email me privately.

And if you have no interest in Genie or being on this mailing list, you 
can unsubscribe by sending an email to

mailto:genie-leave at lists.macromates.com

Kind regards Allan
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