[TxMt] Maximum number of [viewable] columns - 6371

Chris J Keen christopher.keen at gmail.com
Wed May 4 03:21:34 UTC 2011

I am working with some abnormally large quoted strings in JavaScript (SVG
Paths with 3 decimal place precision).  When I reach a certain number of
characters, an ASCII character unknown to me displays, and I can not reach
the end of the line via normal means (Command + right arrow).   If I scroll
backwards from the following line, I get a column count in the 6000 range
(it seems to vary depending on were I pasted the string from).

I can not see the end of the string to edit it.

I am using the default JavaScript bundle, but I have also tried the YUI
bundle, as my company are avid YUI fans, but the YUI JS bundle has the same

When I view the JavaScript file in Firefox, I can see all the text, so
TextMate is not losing it.  It appears that the app is just unable to
display the data for some reason.
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