[TxMt] Re: shift-right and caret position question

saiwingy saiwing at berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 1 18:42:00 UTC 2011

sorry in advance... this reply is extremely cluttered with the formatting.
It's hard to communicate the behavior without inline style reply with
quoting characters though...

> I am on TM 1627. Strange in that it says that the latest cutting edge
> version is 1623. Hmm.

How did you get 1627? Super secret beta program of some sort?

> I tried SHIFT LINE with just "text" on a line.
> text<caret here>
> SHIFT RIGHT or LEFT and the <caret> stays at the line end. 
> <tab>text<caret here>

yes, if the caret is at the end of the entire buffer then the caret follows
the shift.

> When I do this:
> te<caret here>xt and SHIFT RIGHT I get this:
> t<caret here>ext  

if you meant "<tab>t<caret>ext" then yes I see that too.

> which I believe is accepted behavior in some editors. I have seen this in
> other editors previously. I can not remember the explanation for it,
> though.

I imagine that this behavior is probably useful in some circumstances. It's
just not what I would expect though.

> when i do this:
> <caret here>text
> and SHIFT RIGHT I get this
> <caret here><tab>text
> <tab> being 4 spaces wide. Again, I believe I have read somewhere this is
> accepted as normal in some text editors.

this I can understand (better, at least).

> I want to say it's about the line moving, and the caret is stationary
> except when at EOL.

for me the caret is stationary ONLY if it's at the beginning of the line.
It's weird that we get different behavior. Thanks for the help!

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