[TxMt] finding / installing rspec bundle

Brandon M Fryslie bmf at email.arizona.edu
Tue Aug 23 12:39:34 UTC 2011

> I think I'm in that early stage where there are one or two key things I
> don't know. The alternative is that I'm hopeless. :)

Hehe in the early stages you probably won't even seeing the edges.  :)  I
recommend reading all the documentation about Projects, Snippets and
Language Grammars a few times, as well as installing the GetBundles bundle.
 Also, press ctrl+opt+cmd+K to bring up a fat menu of keyboard shortcuts.
 I'd also read the keyboard shortcut documentation because the shortcuts are
somewhat organized according to their functions (for example,
shift+ctrl+opt+<letter> type shortcuts are used to switch your current

And of course feel free to ask the list, people here are more than happy to

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