[TxMt] Re: Using ctrl-h as backspace?

Rob McBroom mailinglist0 at skurfer.com
Fri Oct 22 12:48:08 UTC 2010

On Oct 22, 2010, at 4:34 AM, Alan Schmitt wrote:

> I'm getting used to ctrl-h to replace backspace (as it's simpler to hit, especially when making caps-lock being ctrl), and it works in many places in OS X, except with TextMate, where it invokes the help. I could not find where to change that shortcut so that it becomes backspace instead of help. Is there a bundle involved?

There are many bundles that have individually defined ⌃H to do something useful. It would be a pain to change them all, but you of course have that option.

FYI, you can see if a keystroke is associated with a bundle item by hitting ⌃⌘T, selecting “Key Equivalent” and hitting the keystroke. It's context sensitive, so ⌃H, for instance, would only show the help command for the current language.

To see ALL the keystrokes (defined in bundles), there's always ⌃⌥⌘K.

Rob McBroom

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