[TxMt] CSS bundle questions

plastichairdoo plastichairdoo at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 21:52:54 UTC 2010

Hello all, 

Two questions:

1. I noticed that in the stock CSS bundle the snippets do not have a 'source' namespace.
this is inconvenient since it means they popup when they're not supposed to and take up abbreviations that I would like to use in other contexts for other snippets. 
so - since there are about 40+ of these things, is there an easy way to change the source on all of them at once? 

2. I have little to no experience building TM commands but I am wondering if it is possible to pass parameters from snippet expander shortcuts.
perhaps an example would be better:

In CSS bundle using snippet Tab Trigger:  'p' for 'padding', being able to input - for example - 'p20' and get 'padding: 20px;' and then later 'p10' and get 'padding: 10px' 

in other words the number is a variable that gets written into the expanded snippet. 

this seems like it should be possible but I'm not the man to figure it out. 

that's it!


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