[TxMt] Re: Textmate's bundle Insert Scratch Snippet steals accented S (Ś) character shortcut

Steve King sking at arbor.net
Thu May 6 19:39:26 UTC 2010

On 2010-05-06 14:58, Allan Odgaard wrote:
> It is btw interesting that users sometimes find it useful to state
> that they feel something is a bug. That they need to state this
> probebly means they realize that the issue reported is not a typical
> bug (i.e. it doesn’t crash, misbehave, perform wrong action, etc.).
> I am asking in all seriousness, what is the perceived effect of
> including such remark?
> (group question, anyone feel free to answer)

Surely you've reported a bug (in whatever) before, Allan, only to get 
told, "That's the way it's supposed to work."  I think that stating that 
something's a bug is done to short-circuit that sort of response. It's 
done to tell the developer "This behavior is *wrong*, even if it is per 
design". I'm not saying that calling it a bug works, necessarily, just 
that that's the rationale...

It doesn't sound right to simply report a behavior. "When I do this, 
that happens."  Um, yeah, and...? Is that a complaint or a compliment?  
At least adding "I think this is a bug." lets the reader know it's a 
complaint.  In Adam's case it was probably redundant, since he cited 
chapter and verse about what the correct behavior should be. Still, 
better to err on the side of clarity.

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