[TxMt] New LaTeX Bundle

gkv1 at mac.com gkv1 at mac.com
Tue Apr 6 14:42:24 UTC 2010

Hello All,

I wanted to take the new latex bundle for a text drive, but I'm not exactly sure how. If someone could give me 'instructions for a dummie' I'd be grateful. In particular:

1. How do I install it? I gather that I download it from   http://github.com/lasersox/latex.tmbundle. I did this and a folder called lasersox.latex.tmbundle-b5bbb31 was created. Then what? The instructions in the textmate help regarding bundle installation don't seem to be appropriate at this stage. Perhaps already I am doing something wrong. 

2. Once it is installed properly, will it conflict with the old latex bundle? How can I go back and forth between the two? Will my old custom snippets and commands still work, etc? 

If there are some elementary instructions posted about this, you could just point me to those.

Geoff Vallis

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