[TxMt] the road to the official Scala bundle

Alexy Khrabrov deliverable at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 23:24:42 UTC 2009

I'd like to assess the state of the Scala bundles and assemble the
state-of-the-art one, since currently folks keep several versions of
their (ond even others') bundles on github or web at large.

Here's what I found so far:

Paul Phillips -- http://github.com/paulp/scala-textmate,

The Scala bundle seems the most evolved one.  There're two others there.

A couple others which seem not integrated:

Niko Matsakis --
Michael Nischt --

A previous attempt at coming up with a single official Scala bundle is
documented here:


I've started a private effort to integrate, but so far only Dean
Wampler contributed his bundle:


My specific point which I'd like to add to the official bundle is
symbols.  Scala allows for the 'symbols, interned strings a lá Lisp
'symbols or Ruby :ones.  Scala also uses 'apostrophizedSymbols, which
screws up highlighting, making TextMate think it's a string.  The
issue was discussed on the scala-user list in the following thread:


Paul resolved it in his setup, and produced a tmDelta file:


-- noting that's all which is needed to amend the official bundle;
Paul's setup links that to the pristine bundles, of which origin I'm
not sure as there seems not to be a pristine/official TextMate Scala
bundle in the SVN at http://svn.textmate.org/trunk/Bundles/?

Given the prelims, a flurry of questions: Am I missing any other Scala
bundles, are there any other ongoing integration attempts, what could
be in the pristine bundles for Scala (why do we have things linking to
the pristine bundles, and why), how do I integrate a tmDelta into the
official bundle (replacing tmLanguage?), and where should the final
one be submitted so I can maintain it?


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