[TxMt] Re: To LaTeX.tmbundle users…

Phil Molyneux molyneux at kingston.ac.uk
Sun Oct 11 12:05:50 UTC 2009

Hi — Answwrs lus a question embedded below
On 8 Oct 2009, at 02:23, Alex Ross wrote:

> As some of you know I've been working off and on on a new LaTeX
> bundle.  It started as an extension bundle “LaTeXtra” but lately
> I've been focusing on merging that code into a fork of the LaTeX
> bundle (http://github.com/alexross/latex.tmbundle).
> One of my biggest gripes with the current bundle is that there are
> MANY ways to do things.  For instance there are 3-4 ways to insert a
> new environment, each with different key combinations that I cannot
> remember.  There is a lot of room for simplification.
> Simplification will require the removal of some commands, but I'm sure
> there is at least one person using each command.  What I'd like is to
> get an idea of how people generally use the bundle.  So, if you use
> the LaTeX bundle, please reply!
> 1. What typesetting engine do you typically use?  (ie. pdflatex,
> xelatex, pdflualatex, etc …)

pdflatex and about to experiment with xelatex

> 2. PDF Viewer?  (Skim.app, Preview.app, …)


> 3. Do you use any of the completion commands?  Which ones?  What sort
> of LaTeX macros do you commonly complete?

enum<tab> desc<tab> item<tab>


> 4. Do you use any of the snippets?

I use lots of my own

> 5. What commands (besides ⌘R) do you use the most often?

Never use <Cmnd>R — I use TeXShop to run the job

> 6. Anything that you'd miss terribly if it was removed?

In the last few weeks exact time unknown) the LaTeX bundle/environment  
seems to be behaving differently

(1) $ now gets \( \)
(2) <Ctrl>$ seems to wrap the previous word in $$
(3) How do I now get \$ in text mode ? (in two keystrokes or less?)

The above behaviour doesn't seem to correspond to the documentation  
(I'm running TextMate 1.5.8 (1509)

It looks like the middle of a transition --- I also have the bundles  
LaTeX Experimental, LaTeXtra (don't remember installing those) and my  
own local LaTeX bundle for my snippets.

Many thanks for addressing the LaTeX bundle --- as you say, there are  
many ways of doing the same thing & it seems to easy to loose items (I  
suspect that Spaces is shadowing the <Ctrl>4 that should have got me \$)

Am I right in thinking that there have been some changes in the last  
couple of weeks ?


> Thanks for your time!
> —Alex
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