[TxMt] To LaTeX.tmbundle users…

Alex Ross j at lasersox.net
Thu Oct 8 01:23:55 UTC 2009

As some of you know I've been working off and on on a new LaTeX  
bundle.  It started as an extension bundle “LaTeXtra” but lately  
I've been focusing on merging that code into a fork of the LaTeX  
bundle (http://github.com/alexross/latex.tmbundle).

One of my biggest gripes with the current bundle is that there are  
MANY ways to do things.  For instance there are 3-4 ways to insert a  
new environment, each with different key combinations that I cannot  
remember.  There is a lot of room for simplification.

Simplification will require the removal of some commands, but I'm sure  
there is at least one person using each command.  What I'd like is to  
get an idea of how people generally use the bundle.  So, if you use  
the LaTeX bundle, please reply!

1. What typesetting engine do you typically use?  (ie. pdflatex,  
xelatex, pdflualatex, etc …)

2. PDF Viewer?  (Skim.app, Preview.app, …)

3. Do you use any of the completion commands?  Which ones?  What sort  
of LaTeX macros do you commonly complete?

4. Do you use any of the snippets?

5. What commands (besides ⌘R) do you use the most often?

6. Anything that you'd miss terribly if it was removed?

Thanks for your time!


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