[TxMt] Re: [SVN] Re: Help with Ctags bundle?

Charles Turner vze26m98 at optonline.net
Fri May 8 16:29:36 UTC 2009

On May 8, 2009, at 11:12 AM, Gerd Knops wrote:

> It's the dashes... ATM the bundle tries to find whatever word TM gives
> it, it ignores the selection.
> As a test, add '-' to the list of "Word Characters" (TextMate/
> Preferences, Text Editing tab). That should cause 'get-bottom-up-
> codelets' to be indicated as word, which the bundle should find.

That does the trick, thanks! And it will save me from having to select  
the whole word for searching.

>> BTW is there source available for tmctags?
> It's just a perl script...

Oh, yes, I see... I guess I just had too much whizzing around when I  
visited the Support/bin directory.

Nice package!



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